Police Memorial Park is a city of Las Vegas park dedicated to law enforcement officers. It includes a total of three structures as well as a tree grove that are associated with the memorial.

The memorial itself, to the left, was designed and built by artist Aldolfo Gonzales. It is located at 3250 Metro Academy Way in the western part of the Las Vegas valley within Police Memorial Park, near Cheyenne Avenue and Hualapai Way. It was completed on May 2, 2009.



The Police Memorial Wall was created by a group of city and Metro employees to honor members of the Southern Nevada law enforcement community who have passed away. Families and friends were invited to purchase bricks in memory of their loves ones. Those bricks will comprise the memorial wall.

Police Memorial Wall is a tribute to those who have served unconditionally and have given an incredible gift to Southern Nevada. The 181 people whose names appear on the wall gave Southern Nevada the ultimate gift anyone can give to another – their lives, day in and day out – so that we might live in peace and safety. Individuals on this memorial only had to serve on a law enforcement agency honorably and died of other than in the line of duty to have their names included.

To the right, an example of an officer who has a brick on this wall. He served on North Las Vegas P.D., retired and then passed away.



The Clark County Law Enforcement Memorial Rock has a bronze star for each officer that was killed in the line of duty in Clark County.



In The Police Memorial Grove, there is a rock with the officer’s name and a tree planted in their honor along the east side of the Park.