“What our officers did yesterday was not their most heroic act. The day they embraced this profession, when they committed to a cause and willingly accepted a life of risk and uncertainty to serve a cause, was their most heroic act! Every day after that was simply in the line of duty.”    - Anonymous

No one is compelled to serve in the law enforcement profession, but when one does accept this challenge, they deserve to be recognized and honored for the service they provided to the citizens to the State of Nevada.

The Southern Nevada Law Enforcement Memorial Foundation Wall (Wall) was created to recognize those that have served in the Southern Nevada Law Enforcement Community. The Wall is a solemn site that was built and is maintained to honor the memory of those law enforcement staff who have passed on through this life.

The Memorial was dedicated in 2009 in Police Memorial Park which is next to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Academy.  The memorial pays tribute to all southern Nevada officers killed in the line of duty.

Nevada is a very large state with two areas of major population, Las Vegas in the south and Reno in the north, with vast open land and small communities in between.  In fact, it is an 8-hour drive from one metropolitan area to the other.  The two local memorials address the issue by providing a memorial in each metropolitan area.

Police Memorial Park is a city of Las Vegas park and includes the Memorial Wall and two dedicated tree groves to memorialize local police officers who lost their lives in the line of duty. Two trees dedicated to the Ten-13 retired New York Police Officers Club, in reflection of the September 11, 2001, tragedy, are also featured within this special park.

The artist that designed and built the memorial is Aldolfo Gonzales. The Memorial is located at 3250 Metro Academy Way in the western part of the Las Vegas valley at Police Memorial Park, near Cheyenne Avenue and Hualapai Way. It was completed on May 2, 2009.